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Your story is waiting  to be told.

About Me

The moments between the poses.

Those are what I set out to capture whenever I begin a shoot.


Every family has its own unique beauty and my job is not to create moments, but to catch the authentic ones that happen all on their own. I want to document every laugh, smile and hug so that you can keep them forever, so that when you look back at them, years from now, they’ll still be as sharp and vivid as the day I captured them.


My name is Sharoni Galeano. I’m a wife, a mother and a portrait photographer.

Strangely, my passion for photography began with food.


In 2013, I attended culinary school and started blogging. Very original, I know. I began photographing food and then, suddenly, my lens was finding its way to the people behind the recipes. I slowly found that I was far more taken with this subject than I was with Risotto and Creme Brulee. I followed my newly discovered passion and was left with something extraordinary.


While earning my degree in Communications and starting my family, I began photographing anyone who would let me, completely unaware that this incredible journey would lead me to a full-grown business.


There is absolutely nothing I love more then photographing people. Each individual, couple, and family intrigues me in entirely new ways. I love how diverse my clientele is and how my job gives me the opportunity to meet so many interesting people. Each photoshoot is a new adventure and a new chance for me to create lasting memories for all my clients. I feel so lucky to get to wake up and do something I love every single day.


Every moment. Every memory. Every milestone.

Contact me today to capture them all.

Contact Me

Tel: +972-52-639-8353

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